In Norway, outdoor recreation has become a major part of national identity, and is even established by law. Nature in Norway is also very much an active pursuit. Hiking, cycling, skiing, dog sledding, rafting, kayaking – the possibilities are so many. You are free to enjoy the great outdoors as much as you like, as long as you are considerate and thoughtful. The counterpoint to Norway’s beautiful and unique nature is the vibrant cultural life. The cities represent a broad variety of experiences; architecture, design, food, festivals, galleries, theatres and so much more. The cultural history sets back many years, and throughout the country you will find historical sites and attractions, such as the stave churches, museums, old church ruins, Vikings attractions and so on. If you seek peace and quiet or just a different authentic experience, why not book a farm stay, a “rorbu”, or spend a night or two at a summer farm in the mountains. Norway is large, far larger than you might think. We recommend that you take your time as you travel, and enjoy the scenery, the food and the culture along the way.

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