Slovenia is the fourth smallest country in the centre of Europe. The nation’s total number of inhabitants is only comparable to a small global city, but it boasts a wealth of nature that is extremely diverse. In its small territory, no fewer than four geographic areas meet.

These form a unique mesh of the Alps, the coast in the Primorska Region, the wine-growing rolling hills of the Štajerska Region, the Pannonian plains, and the Dinaric-Karst plateaus and their mysterious subterranean world. It is a true game of opposites, which allows you to combine the most unique experiences in just one day: you can climb a mountain ascending over 2000 metres and then jump in the sea; you can explore the cave world and enjoy a panoramic view from hilltops; you can run for many kilometres in the Pannonian plains and then hike up mountain trails; and you can see the remains of a glacier and sunbathe on a beach.

Make memories that last. Clean air and drinkable water Embraced by this diversity, you will be welcomed by tourist farms, surrounded by vast meadows, colourful fields, and lush forests, where farmers have been living in close touch with nature for centuries. They take from it, but they also make great efforts to give back. The air is kept clean everywhere and the water is eminently drinkable. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city and the fast pace of every-day routine, life here has a somewhat different rhythm. Here, you can experience full relaxation: you will awake hearing the sounds of cow bells and smelling freshly cut grass, you will lay without a care in the world in the shade of trees, listening to birds singing in their leafy canopies. If you wish to explore the charms of unspoilt nature, you are free to take a stroll through the forest and across meadows. Clear evenings when the sky is filled with thousands of stars that are otherwise dimmed by the glare of city lights will make for a wonderful experience as well. On such evenings, you will feel in close touch with nature and full of fresh energy.

The experience offered by the Slovenian countryside is an ideal opportunity for you to escape your everyday routine and enjoy getting in authentic touch with nature and with yourself. One hundred and one opportunities for new active experiences Due to their location, tourist farms are an ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding area and for actively spending time in nature. Therefore, take your bike on an exploration of trails in the vicinity, climb one of the Slovenian mountains, ride horses across vast meadows, or simply take a stroll in nature. During the summer months, it feels especially good to jump into clean rivers and lakes or to feel the salty gusts of wind caught in sails. You can also cool down by exploring the mysterious world of stalactites, stalagmites, cave waters and other karst phenomena, as more than 10,200 karst caves are hidden in the subterranean world of Slovenia, and an additional 100 are found on average every year. Slovenia is one of the countries with the highest level of biodiversity in Europe, which it carefully protects, so its territory is full of national, regional, and landscape parks. These parks provide you with an excellent opportunity to go on an adventurous photo hunt, and if you’re lucky, your camera will be able to catch some of the rarest wildlife, such as wolves, lynxes, bears, wild cats, capercaillies, and pheasants.

Those of you who like living on the edge should not miss adrenaline-fuelled adventures such as river rides, ziplining, or paragliding – the view of the landscape from a bird’s perspective will simply stun you. Learn about Slovenia through entirely new experiences.

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