The European Federation of Rural Tourism finished its re-branding.

We are happy to inform you that the European Federation of Rural Tourism finished its re-branding.  

Formerly known under "EuroGites",  since beginning of September we fully and exclusively apply the new acronym and logo  "RURALTOUR"  with the  internet domain   and new visual identity.  


On occasion of its 30th Anniversary, the European Federation of Rural Tourism adopts a new acronym and visual identity

The European Federation of Rural Tourism was registered in May 1991 as legal entity under the acronym “EUROGITES” with the objectives of cooperation in knowledge, promotion and advocacy of this sector at European and worldwide institutions. At that moment, it was composed by 10 organizations from the same number of countries. In 1991, rural tourism was a small part of the tourism economy. Since then, it has developed from a niche product to one of the most relevant products of European tourism: in 2021, rural tourism provides around 6 million beds in 500,000 services, representing around 15% of the total accommodation capacity in Europe.

Together with related services in gastronomy and active tourism, the sector generates more than 120 billion EUR in direct spending – mostly in the local economy - and is a critical element for the vitality of many rural areas. The federation now covers 27 countries of Europe, is recognized part of the European tourism industry, and represents the sector in transnational structures and at the European Commission. Demand for real, authentic experiences and services has steadily increased over the past 30 years. Experienced visitors are looking for traditional culture and lifestyle, nature, gastronomy, healthy environment, culture and history. All these elements are now in even stronger demand due to the social, cultural and economic consequences of COVID – and they are at the heart of the rural tourism product. It comes as no surprise that the interest in this type of services highly increased during 2020/21. This is an opportunity to gain new costumers and turn them into repeat clients for the future. However, it also requires addressing the challenges of increased digitalization, sustainability and service quality that accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aware of these changes, two years ago the European Federation of Rural Tourism decided to undergo a reorientation and rebranding on occasion of its 30th Anniversary. The new acronym “RURALTOUR”, logo and visual identity, together with a new website were officially presented at an event in Luxembourg on 29th-June-2021. A stamp edited by the Luxembourg Post commemorates the event, and the report “30 Years of Rural Tourism” will be published at the end of the year. We are happy to conclude the transition and now exclusively use the new identity with effect as of September-2021.