Survey on skills gaps.  PANTOUR PROJECT


As suporting the Pact for Skills in Tourism activities and in follow-up of NTG (Next Tourism Generation Skills Alliance), PANTOUR aims specifically at designing innovative solutions to address skills needs in tourism, with the development of practical outputs. It dedicates special attention to the reskilling and upskilling of the generic workforce on future skills needs.
The PANTOUR Skills Survey has been prepared to investigate whether a gap exists between current levels of skills in the tourism industry and the future skills needed in 2030. It helps to chart the importance of three distinct skills: social, digital, and green, for tourism businesses in the European Union.
As one of our valuable connections, we kindly request your cooperation in filling out this survey and sharing your knowledge with us. This will allow us to get a deeper insight into (1) the current state of affairs in skills development and (2) provide us with your views on the future prospects of these skills. Your input is highly appreciated. The link to the survey which is expected to take approximately10-12 minutes, can be found here:
In line with the GDPR regulations, the database of this survey will be kept confidential. Hence, your company identity will not be revealed to third parties nor the researchers carrying out the analysis of the study. We guarantee full anonymity throughout the entire research process.
Upon analysis of the survey, key insights will be shared at the Pact for Skills in Tourism coordination meeting(s), via our website and will be used to introduce (inter)national and regional policies to ensure that the tourism sector within Europe is future-proof. Ultimately, the PANTOUR project alliance hopes to keep the sector informed through the established partner-networks.
For further questions, please do not hesitate to directly send an email to Mr Corné Dijkmans