Campania, Lombardy/Piemonte and Puglia, winning regions of the 2nd online edition.



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Milan, 28 February 2022

The second online edition of the Unconventional Breakfast Awards took place on 21 February. The Campania region took the first place, focusing on the workhorse vegan and gluten-free version of Torta Caprese, with a fun and engaging narrative that takes us back to the era of Al Capone.

Lombardy and Piedmont tied for second place. The former chose rice as the protagonist, creating the Rice Porridge with Saffron and Dried and Dried Fruits, the latter chose hazelnuts and created the PGI Hazelnut Cake: in both cases, versions suitable for all Unconventional Foodies (vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, sports and halal and kosher) were created.

In third place was Puglia with Carrubotto, a new and unprecedented version of Pasticciotto, which contains the ingredient carob for the first time.  Thirteen judges were selected, including three from Spain: Nita Maciá - representative of the Sustainable Tourism Cluster of Aragon, Klaus Ehrlich - the secretary general of the European Federation of Rural Tourism (RuralTour) - and Javier Cansinos Cabello the social media manager of RuralTour.

The challenge consisted of a Storytelling operation in which a single Battle Horse had to be chosen for each region, i.e. a product that can be defined as a kind of flagship and reviewed in an "Unconventional" key, i.e. with ingredients that can also be adapted to those who have specific dietary needs or preferences. In addition, several elements were evaluated, such as the HISTORY of the product, the connection with the TERRITORY, ECO-SUSTAINABILITY, NON-WASTE of food, and the 5 SENSES.

The other regions also deserve a special mention with their "unconventional" versions of the workhorses: Basilicata with La Carchiola, a simple and versatile local product (with only three ingredients, including corn flour) that everyone agrees with because it can be made in both sweet and savoury versions; Emilia Romagna with El Bustrengo (in vegan version), the homemade cake that is an excellent anti-waste product (using leftover stale bread); Sicily with The Almond Pasta Sweets in vegan version; Tuscany with El Cantuccio (a vegan and gluten-free version), which takes us back through the centuries to the tables of the peasants and the Casa De' Medici, a cake that can be eaten at any time of the day; Umbria with La Rocciata, a cake that takes us back to the early years of the Second World War and whose main ingredients are oily apples, corn flour and Tarassaco honey.

Nine teams with more than 40 operators from all over the tourism sector took part in the event, including those from various associations in the hospitality industry. This year even some professors from a Hotel Institute of Maratea Giovanni Paolo II (Basilicata) and from S. Benedetto del Tronto F. Buscemi. Buscemi (Marche).

As a prize, the winners will have the opportunity to have a space within the second edition of the iTEG event in the Unconventional iTEG 2022 section thanks to Paola Puzzovio, founder of TEGing Italia, the gastronomic tourism project dedicated to the entire tourism chain.

Concetta D'Emma, founder of the format: The beauty of this challenge is that it provides a new awareness to people working in tourism, which goes beyond the choice of the most suitable products and raw materials even for Unconventional Foodies. Guidelines are given to find and implement new solutions quickly, easily and practically, even if you don't know much about special dietary needs! You constantly discover something you didn't know about your own or other regions. Guests are immediately involved in this process and, in turn, become testimonials for the accommodation establishment and ambassadors for the territory. And then you finally understand that these are products that everyone can enjoy, without having to "label" people.

The Unconventional Breakfast is based on seven pillars: inclusion, reduction of inequalities, sustainability, territory, tradition, food recovery, innovation, which is why it was nominated at FITUR 2022 as one of the three finalists for the Edelweiss Award in the category "Inspiring International Project", organised by the Sustainable Tourism Cluster of Aragon (Spain), which rewards Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Development.

To watch the episode of the Unconventional Breakfast Awards: https://youtu.be/UR1i5Gsmldg 

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