UNESCO cultural heritage of opposite ends of Montenegro

Such a small country, but so many different things to see. From Stećci, Medival Tombstones Graveyards in the North to the old town of Kotor in Boka bay, in the South. Both inscribed on UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list.

These mysterious Medieval Tombstones Graveyards are located on the North of Montenegro. Stećci bear an exceptional testimony to the medieval culture of Southeast Europe that was developed within a unique historical context in an area where traditions and influences of the European West, East and South meet.

On the opposite end of our country, there is a magnificent old town of Kotor in Boka Bay, the southernmost fjord in Europe. It is one of the Adriatic towns with best preserved medieval urban architecture and is inscribed on UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. It tells a story about rich history of the town and its importance.


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