Traditional accommodations

If you would like to stay in convenient, well equipped accommodations, with air-conditioning and mini fridges and plastic windows, that is totally OK. But if you would rather explore some other options, like staying in traditional houses and huts, built from natural materials the way our ancestors used to build them, then we have a treat for you!

When folk architecture of this region is concerned, natural wealth but also diversity of ethnic groups that lived and still live here, have influenced the fact that we have a substantial heritage in this field, as well as many traditional buildings that can be seen in almost every village in Montenegro, even today. Many of these buildings are in decline but many are saved too. We have chosen some locations we consider exemplary, villages and katuns (nomadic settlement of farmers in the mountains) that show the construction spirit of the times gone by in the best possible way, and the objects we would like you to pay attention to.

Explore and enjoy. We present to you our rural households offering tourism services, so we suggest you spend the night there, or have lunch at least.

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