FINLAND AS A RURAL TOURISM DESTINATION Enjoy the Finnish Countryside! Full of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the Midnight Sun and winter darkness. Combination of Cottage holiday, Bed&Breakfast & Farm holidays or Countryside hotels and manors with delicious food and wide range of nature-based activities. Finnish people are a nation whose identity is closely linked to nature. Vast green forests and glimmering blue lakes dominate scenery wherever you go. Forest coverage is 75%, and there are 188 000 lakes in the country, making Finland distinguishably different from other European countries. To truly experience Finland, you have to get out of the city. That is why Finns head to the countryside and to their cottages both winter and summer, and so should you! Country of relaxation! A lakeside cottage is an essential part of Finnish summer. These Finnish hideouts are an oasis of relaxation, sauna and swimming, and summer activities like fishing, canoeing, rowing and sailing. Sauna forms a great part of our country’s heritage and culture. It is estimated that there are over two million saunas in Finland. The winter brings its own unique activities such as skiing, ice-swimming, sledding – all in the beautiful background of a blanket of snow and ice as far as the eye can see. Finnish Countryside food experiences: natural, authentically local and pure! When it comes to ingredients and recipes, each region has its own delicious character. We are loyal to our culinary roots and proud of our local traditions. Finland is a haven of clean and naturally nutrient- rich foods. The long summer days and cool temperatures enhance the aromas and pigments in wild berries. The real benefits of the Finnish wild berry are, in addition to its northern location, clean soil, clean air and clean water. Finns scour their vast forests for these delicious treasures along with tasty mushrooms and fresh wild herbs. Read more about Finland/source: Visit Finland

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