Camp Island Blagaj

Camp Island Blagaj is located in the famous town of Blagaj, only ten kilometers from Mostar. In Blagaj is the source of the river Buna, the largest karst source in Europe. The place is known for the famous tekke, a castle from the 15th century, and many buildings that have been declared a national monument of BiH. Above the source of the river Buna is the Green Cave, a prehistoric settlement from the Neolithic era. In addition to the above, Blagaj is known as a center for alpine climbing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jelle Scherpereel, the owner of Camp Island Blagaj, is also a passionate cyclist and scout, so he is ready to provide guests with various types of recreation during their stay in the camp. Guests have the opportunity to purchase home-grown fruits and vegetables from local cultivation. The activities available to tourists are numerous here - hiking, ziplining, mountain biking, rafting, visits to bird sanctuaries, visits to numerous cultural and historical sites.

Price: 30

Address: Jelle Scherpereel Camp Island Blagaj

Phone: +387 61 066 599